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The current trajectory and challenges facing the Canadian nonprofit sector calls upon us to reimagine traditional leadership, governance, donor relationships, volunteer engagement and the depth of our social impact.

Is your organization facing unprecedented challenge, change or needing to embark on a new strategic direction?

Is your governance board looking for new ways to be more engaged or do they want to create greater transparency and synergy across the organization?

Struggling to achieve better financial results in your fundraising efforts? Are you looking to create a new fundraising initiative or looking to improve the a current one?

Our nonprofit sector needs to evolve with our communities and adapt to the economic environment to truly succeed and achieve the kind of social impact we dream of. If your organization is facing one or more of the questions above or a unique challenge connect with us by clicking the contact link

KDP NonProfit Consulting helps charities make a greater social impact.

“Keith did an outstanding job researching and writing a report for the YMCA of Newfoundland and Labrador to assess the market for developing a camp property. Keith’s attention to detail, innovative thinking, and personable approach were all very much appreciated. We would gladly work with Keith again.”                – J. Brown, CEO

Did you know?

  • Canada’s charitable and nonprofit sector is the 2nd largest in the world; the Netherlands is the largest; the United States is the 5th
  • There are an estimated 170,000 nonprofits and charities in Canada
  • Half of these (54%) are run entirely by volunteers
  • 2 million people are employed by these organizations representing 11.1% of the economically active population
  • The sector represents $106 billion or 8.1% of the GDP (larger than the automotive or manufacturing industries)
  • Smaller provinces have a higher number of organizations relative to their populations
  • The top 1% of organizations command 60% of all revenues

Source: Imagine Canada (2017)

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